A Letter from The Office Hero

People seem to believe that office work is the safest work.  Perhaps the lack of explosions or the predictability lulls people into a false sense of security. However, sometimes office work can be very dangerous, even given the somewhat slower pace of work compared to NASCAR drivers or stunt doubles.  Office safety is extremely important and should be reviewed, especially when it comes to power cords and electronics.office hero

The first major issue in office safety is using old and outdated surge protectors or power strips. While your old power plugs may seem to be working fine, it is extremely important to replace them regularly.  Power strips are often under an enormous amount of electronic pressure and are powering a lot of different devices. Proper power strips will also supply surge protection, so it may be taking a lot of hits that you aren’t aware of, such as line surges.  The older the power strip, the less likely it is to work well and provide you with adequate security.  That’s why it’s important to replace them.

Another difficulty that office workers face is over-using power strips.  When buying a power strip, make sure you know how many joules it can withstand.  In other words, you want to make sure you know how much power it can handle.  Often times, it is tempting to buy the first power strip you can find for cheap, but those are often not meant to withstand a great amount of use.  Consider whether this power strip is meant for one person or multiple, what kinds of electronics you will be using, and how long you will be using a power strip.

Also, never plug a power strip into another power strip.  Always make sure you split them among outlets. Plugging a power strip into another is an automatic overload to your circuits.  It is an incredibly dangerous thing to do and an important tenant of office safety.

In addition, keep extra power cords around the office.  Computer cords can short circuit or wear out with use.  Having some extra cords in a clearly labeled place is useful so you can switch out cords early.  If there appears to be any faulty part of a cord, such as wires showing or sparking, make sure to change cords immediately.  While they may seem like minor things at first, they can quickly escalate and become fire and safety hazards.Print

Lastly, working in an office can be hard on your body as well.  Staring at a computer screen for too long can strain your eyes and keeping your arms or legs stationary can produce major back pain and tightness. Try moving around, stretching or walking a lap around the office to avoid these problems and keep yourself healthy!