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Don’t Be Shocked What The Holidays Bring!

It is crucial to practice electrical safety. Especially during the holidays! Here is an easy way to remember to be extra cautious this year, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” style!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love said to me, “Check for bare wires… before you wrap the tree!”


On the second day of Christmas, my true love said to me, “Avoid overloading outlets… only plug one device… into each!” Continue reading Don’t Be Shocked What The Holidays Bring!

Understanding the Overall Rating of a Power Cord

electricity-1-1024x768When it comes to understanding the rating of a power cord, there are a handful of factors to consider directly related to the amperage and voltage of the cord. Each element of a power cord has a maximum rating as an individual component. The elements are the plug, the wire, and the connector.  The overall rating of a power cord is effectively the weakest link out of these ratings.  Here, we take our popular 2500.072 power cord as an example:

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MD&M West 2015 Preview

MDM_West_2013_4cFor our first trade show of 2015, Quail Electronics will head west to Southern California to demonstrate our top-of-the-line medical industry power products. Quail will be showcasing our industry-leading product line at the Medical Design & Manufacturers trade show exposition at the Anaheim Convention Center from February 10-12. MD&M West is hosted by MedTechWorld and is the largest OEM medical device and manufacturing event in the world. The event features over 2,000 exhibiting suppliers demonstrating leading edge technology in the medical field. This tradeshow offers a variety of informative expert insight, hands-on workshops, as well as networking events.

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Label Your Power Cords: Vol. 2

bread-tie-label-for-cordsFact: behind every computer desk lies multiple power cords and connecting peripheral cables.  Usually, not all of them are neat, and in fact- most are a complete mess.  Some may even pose a shock and fire hazard. In Part 1 of this series, we learned how to make useful labels for power cords out of file folder labels. This form of organization works to de-clutter and minimize your workspace, allowing for clarity and peace of mind. In this next installment, we’ll take a look at how to make power cord labels out of even more readily available household items: plastic bread tags and duct tape.

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Quick-Release Power Cords

QUICK-RELEASEHave you ever found yourself recklessly yanking out a power cord from an outlet, and afterwards realized that you a) broke something, b) nearly broke something, or c) caused unnecessary physical strain on yourself or your power cord?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then there’s a solution to your problem.

The Quick-Release power cord series offers an alternative way to unplug your valuable electronics.  A simple pivoting release tab on each connecting end of the power cord makes it easy to disconnect your device without the physical strain or electrical hazard of yanking a plug from a wall outlet or power strip.  It also eliminates the “yanking” problem, thus the deterioration/split of the conductors inside the cord. Continue reading Quick-Release Power Cords

We Got Your Piggyback – No More Squealing!

PiggybackACBunk beds. Cargo pants. Perhaps even rearranging that walk-in closet into a storage unit. We’re always looking to find ways to save space while increasing efficiency. With this in mind, Quail Electronics proudly offers a space-saving solution for your power cord needs. The piggyback plug will allow you to tap into the AC power outlet and power a piece of equipment holiding a usable AC power outlet. Continue reading We Got Your Piggyback – No More Squealing!

25th Anniversary Celebration

On November 23rd, Quail Electronics celebrated its 25th anniversary with a festive event in Walnut Grove at the Grand Island Mansion.  It was a wonderful evening full of dinner, dancing, and delight.  We’d love to share these pictures with you to show how great our employees are.

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Halloween Electrical Safety

HalloweenPowerCordIt’s that time of year again, when things get a little spooky.  The stairs creak a louder, there seems to be more sounds in the dark, and even though you know it’s your neighbor’s dog, you can’t help but think “Werewolf” when you hear it howl at night.  The spookiest thing for me, though, is Halloween electrical safety.

With all of your lighting and blow up vampires and ghastly decorations, it’s very easy to get swept up in the holiday spirit.  However, Halloween electrical safety is very important.  The first thing to check when unloading old decorations is that there are no frayed or exposed wires.  Decorations can sit in storage for so long that you never know what little creatures may have chewed through the wire, or what kind of damage they may have suffered. Continue reading Halloween Electrical Safety