Hospital Grade Lighted Cords

emergencyHospitals are great. Sure, they get a bad rap sometimes, but think about it. Everyone who works in the hospital, from the doctors to the janitors, each works together in unison, to try and save people’s lives. Yes, even the janitor. They are responsible for cleanliness, which is the cornerstone of fighting disease. But with so many people relying on so many different electronic devices, it’s important to guarantee power at all times, from operating room machines to power cleaners.  That’s where Hospital Grade Lighted power cords come into play!

As mentioned previously, in order to gain a hospital grade rating, power cords have to be tested heavily to make sure that they can be used in hospital settings. UL approves hospital grade power cords, and makes sure they’re up to the test. Once approved, they are awarded a green dot signaling that they are prepared for hospitals! However, gaining the green dot is just one step in the process.

HGHospitals are extremely fast paced. Workers often don’t have time to pause and double check to make sure a power cord is connected. Furthermore, there should be an easier way to check if a power cord is running with electricity. That’s why we created Hospital Grade Lighted power cords. These plugs are clear and show a light to indicate when they are powered. A fast glance will tell you whether or not the power cord is connected and supplying power. Quick, easy, and hospital approved.

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