Power Strip vs. Surge Protector

The common misunderstanding of them being the same thing has led most people confused when learning the differences between power strips and surge protectors. Both come hand in hand more often than people think, however not ALL power strips are surge protected. Allow me to clear up the misunderstanding.

First of all, a power strip (such as Image 1 shown below) is an electrical unit, providing multiple electrical sockets (contained in an electrically shielded case) to be shared while being plugged into one wall outlet. While a surge protector, on the other hand, (see Image 2) is an electrical component, added to the power strip that is designed to protect the devices plugged into the power strip from an electrical surge. A way to tell the difference is that a surge protector will show a light indicator on the unit, indicating that is it protected. An electrical surge occurs when there is a spike, or increase in voltage in an electrical line. Voltage spikes can be caused by lightning strikes, power outages, tripped circuit breakers, short circuits and more. A surge protector will detect when voltage is about to spike, and divert the extra voltage to the grounding wire. Thus, none of your electronic devices will be harmed.

Image 1

image 1

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Hospital Grade Power Strip

Medial stuffHospitals can get crowded, and with good reason. Enter any room, and an assortment of beeping electronics doing important medical things.  With all of this important medical equipment running at the same time, there’s sure to be a decent amount of internal surges.  The worst thing that could happen to some of this medical equipment is electronic rust or overload, which could lead to valuable equipment shutting down unexpectedly.  To face all of these problems, Quail Electronics introduced the Hospital Grade Power Strip.

Each Hospital Grade Power Strip is surge protected, to stop electronic rust before it happens.    In addition, each powers trip has less than a nanosecond reaction time, guaranteed to stop surges in their tracks.  Now, you can maximize space, and safely protect your equipment.  The Hospital Grade Power Strip is made so you can worry about the more important aspects of hospital life. Continue reading Hospital Grade Power Strip

The Epic Rotating Power Strip

I will be the first to admit it; I am a compulsive organizer.

I like things neat and together.  My clothes are organized by function, then color coordinated.  My papers are in neat piles, with straight lines highlighted for useful information.  My kitchen could easily pass for a set for the Food Network.  However, one area in which my meticulousness continues to fail me is my power cords.

Power strips always frustrated me.  One slightly larger plug would overtake two outlets!  I never was able to fully utilize them without attaching another power strip, which just seemed redundant.  Fortunately for me, Quail Electronics came to my rescue, with the new rotating power strip. Continue reading The Epic Rotating Power Strip