Hospital-Grade Label

HG LABEL 1Cords used in North America medical equipment must be labeled “Hospital-
Grade.” The plug of this cord is what makes it hospital-grade.

These cords are subject to special requirements in the following standards: Medical Equipment Standards, Power Supply Cord Standards, and Attachment Plug and Receptacle Standards. The special requirement for these standards is that they must be UL and CAN/CSA approved, shown to the right in Figure 1. Continue reading Hospital-Grade Label

The Green Dot – Your Hospital-Grade Solution

Green DotThe medical industry is a vital aspect of humanistic infrastructure. Personnel operates in fast-paced environments whose endeavors are to save lives. The medical equipment used must meet the highest of standards in powering mission-critical machinery. Such medical devices must be powered by power cords using only a proprietary standard that involves a process to achieve hospital grade approval. Once passed, power cords and strips earn a green dot – a modest icon of the strenuous process involved in powering the world’s most important medical equipment. Continue reading The Green Dot – Your Hospital-Grade Solution

Hospital Grade Power Strip

Medial stuffHospitals can get crowded, and with good reason. Enter any room, and an assortment of beeping electronics doing important medical things.  With all of this important medical equipment running at the same time, there’s sure to be a decent amount of internal surges.  The worst thing that could happen to some of this medical equipment is electronic rust or overload, which could lead to valuable equipment shutting down unexpectedly.  To face all of these problems, Quail Electronics introduced the Hospital Grade Power Strip.

Each Hospital Grade Power Strip is surge protected, to stop electronic rust before it happens.    In addition, each powers trip has less than a nanosecond reaction time, guaranteed to stop surges in their tracks.  Now, you can maximize space, and safely protect your equipment.  The Hospital Grade Power Strip is made so you can worry about the more important aspects of hospital life. Continue reading Hospital Grade Power Strip

Hospital Grade Lighted Cords

emergencyHospitals are great. Sure, they get a bad rap sometimes, but think about it. Everyone who works in the hospital, from the doctors to the janitors, each works together in unison, to try and save people’s lives. Yes, even the janitor. They are responsible for cleanliness, which is the cornerstone of fighting disease. But with so many people relying on so many different electronic devices, it’s important to guarantee power at all times, from operating room machines to power cleaners.  That’s where Hospital Grade Lighted power cords come into play! Continue reading Hospital Grade Lighted Cords