25th Anniversary Celebration

On November 23rd, Quail Electronics celebrated its 25th anniversary with a festive event in Walnut Grove at the Grand Island Mansion.  It was a wonderful evening full of dinner, dancing, and delight.  We’d love to share these pictures with you to show how great our employees are.

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Today, I take on an important topic: E-commerce. Let me begin by saying that I love the Internet. I think it’s great. The endless mirage of cat GIF’s, and cute puppies, and countless articles that chip away at my time during work. While the Internet is a wonderful place, you may also encounter traps and tricks hidden behind cute kitty GIF’s. It is especially important to be prudent when shopping online.Computer

I have heard many stories of friends purchasing plugs and cords online only to find them falling apart. There was a recent scandal where someone died from a counterfeit iPhone charger purchased over the Internet. Fires and other safety hazards can begin from wires made of poor quality. With access to the Internet increasing, it is important to look at quality just as much as price.

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Celebrating 25 Years in Business

Logo-OrbSome people need universal power cords to operate their servers, some people need 10 gauge power cords to operate something a little stronger or some people might need a Schuko plug power cord for their company in Europe. Whatever you may need we have the variety out there covered for you. Quail Electronics, Inc. has been one of the world leaders in power cords since 1988. With our expertise in the business, our company thrives on meeting all your expectations about power cords.

We have many options for Domestic, International and Medical markets. Domestic cords have UL and CUL approval and the international cords have the appropriate approvals for their area. All of our hospital grade cords are Green Dot approved which means they went through rigorous testing by Underwriters Laboratories.

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